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Tips to Get the Recommended Watch Winder Box for Beginner Automatic Watch Collectors

As a beginner automatic watch collector, you may get confused about choosing a recommended watch winder box. You have to ensure that the winder box will accommodate the watches and work just like you expect. Follow the tricks below to get the best watch winder box for beginner automatic watch collectors. 

Get a Multiple Watch Winder Box  

Beginner collectors often only have 2, 3, 6, or 9 automatic watches. Buying a multiple watch winder box is a good idea. This box keeps the watches easy to arrange. You can also place the boxes in a small area. 

It also improves the aesthetic ambiance in the room. Best of all, the winder box works effectively to protect and maintain your watches. Avanti 2 plus by Billstone is one of the recommended watch winder boxes. 

Get a Watch Winder Box that is Easy to Maintain 

A recommended watch winder for beginner watch collectors is a winder box that is easy to maintain. These winder boxes are easy to clean. You only have to wipe it from the dust and dirt. Most small watch winder boxes don’t need special treatment.     

Learn the Features of the Winder Box 

Indeed, you should learn the features of the winder box you are about to buy. For instance, you need a specific product, such as Paragon 6 by Billstone. This product is suitable for up to 6 automatic watches. It has a touchscreen control panel so you can easily set the winder box. This product is also an option for watches that need up to 2.200 Turns Per Day, along with 3 rotation directions.   

The points above may lead you to get the recommended watch winder boxes for beginner collectors. As a result, the box can help you to maintain and protect your automatic watches while you don’t use them. 

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