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Things to Consider Before Buying 3 Watch Winder

Are you interested in buying a 3 watch winder? That’s a very good idea. It is particularly important if collecting automatic watches is a part of your life. Undeniably, automatic watches are mostly expensive and precious. Therefore, it needs special treatments also including by putting them in a tool namely watch winder.

But buying a watch winder is also not as easy as you may think before. Before buying, make sure to consider some points below to get the best watch winder for your collections.

Where to Buy

The first question commonly asked is where to buy the product. Of course, you must go to the most trusted place to make sure that the product you find is really good and high-quality. If you are looking for a recommendation, Billstone can be the best answer.

Configuration Setting

After finding the best place where to buy the product, the next thing to do is learn about how the watch winder works. It is common for buyers to consider the design first when buying something. But for this time, you should consider the configuration set before others.

Some points in the configuration setting are the number of rotation frequency, the rotation direction, the number of rotation measured by the turn per day (TPD), and more. At least, there should be around 600-1000 rounds. The configuration setting deals with how the product works. So, as the watch winder owner, you must know it very well.

The Number of Slots

Talking about the design of the watch winder, it cannot be separated from the number of its slots. There are single-watch winder products in which it only has a slot. It means for every watch winder box, you can only place one watch.

If you want to save money as well as space, of course, buying a watch winder with multiple slots is more effective. There are watch winder products with 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 10 slots. Choose one of them you like the most and which one you think is the most suitable for you. As a recommendation, it is 3 watch winder.

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