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Avoid These Risks by Buying a High End Watch Winder

You might be shocked by the price of a high end watch winder because it can be used for buying a new luxury watch to enhance your watch collection. However, spending more money for buying a high-end watch winder will help you avoid two potential risks of a cheap winder with low quality.


Many people have a big worry that they will overwind their luxury watch by placing it in a watch winder. You should not be worried about this if you buy a high end watch winder. A low-quality watch winder comes with an over-winding risk, after all.

What is over-winding? The full-wound watch will keep running accurately and properly. Any type of watch winder will be able to make the watch at its full wind. Nevertheless, the high-end winder will know that it should stop winding once the watch is at full wind. The cheap watch winder will not do that. It will keep winding the automatic watch because it usually does not have an auto-stop mechanism. It does not have rest mode, as well, when winding a watch.

It will not be a big problem if it happens once or twice. However, you do not want to find this condition regularly if you want to keep your luxury watch running for a long time. That is why buying a high end watch winder will be necessary to avoid this problem.


Another potential risk that might be brought by a cheap watch winder is magnetization. This risk can be found from the magnetic fields that can be found from the electric motor in the cheap wonder. You do not want to ruin your automatic watch by exposing it to the magnetic field for a long time. You must forget the idea of buying a watch winder if you do not have enough budget for buying a high end watch winder.

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