Year 27

Today starts year 27, an age that I have looked forward to for over a decade. All the women in my family have had such significant life happenings at age 27, like weddings and babies. But year 26 brought our wedding and babies are planned for us to be a little later. This year will bring a big graduation for me and a very happy ending to 18 years of schooling - which I will happily accept as my 'wedding-baby' :) 

A career change may come this year, more plans for our future will be made this year, and I have plans to make a lot of changes and additions to Letters from Lindsey (I am so tired of saying, "When I have time, next year I will....."). Whatever happens, I am ready. I feel so fulfilled by everything I am doing and so supported by my friends and family. I am grateful for this happy life and all the people in it.

Year 27, here I am.