Catching Up & Spring Engagement Photos!

Hello sweet friends!

It's been a quick minute and spring is happily here! I've been deep into school, work, and wedding planning these last few months and it is all about to come to a peak very quickly. With about four weeks left in the semester and about twelve weeks from our wedding, I have found each hour in each day to be extremely valuable and have been maximizing my productivity to the very best of my ability. Funny how deadlines can make you feel that way about time!

As you may remember, Nick and I had an engagement session with the wonderfully warm and talented Kelsey and Blaine Wright of Wright Photographs last October. After Nick and I got engaged, I knew that I wanted to have a session with them and booked right away! About two months later, we booked Katie Ricard out of Madison for our Wisconsin wedding, and were happily surprised to find that we got an engagement session in our wedding package with her as well! I've worked with both Kelsey and Katie on styled shoots in the past, and it has been so amazing having both of them shoot us before our wedding. We have a lot more photos of us together which I will never complain about since our arsenal of photos before the past year consisted of 99% selfies. :)

We drove up to Chicago and met Katie at the Lincoln Park Zoo. We shot at Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits, the Lincoln Park Conservatory, and the Lincoln Park Zoo Nature Walk. If you like pie, you should definitely take a trip to Bang Bang - their desserts are incredible and the owner is so, so kind and generous. Taking photos with Katie was so sweet and I literally cannot believe the next time we see her will be on our wedding day!!

Here are a few of our favorites :) (We have so many favorites - it was tough to narrow it down!!!)