The Little Details

I recently read this amazing post on the importance of calligraphy and the sentimental value it brings to you, your wedding and your guests. As a great lover of small details, I cannot begin to tell you what it means to me to contribute personalized pieces to someone's wedding day. I love everything about the process - from meeting with an engaged couple for a consult, to collaborating with their wedding planner or venue, to sitting down and carefully writing out every name on each place card or envelope. These small details add to such a big day as much as a place card tells your guest, "You belong here. Thank you for coming, here is your seat."

Creating all of this is a true labor of love, my friends. I spend many late nights and full weekends working on place cards, envelopes, scrolls, wedding signage, mugs, hangers, and more - and I do it because I love it. I love every little bit of it.

I understand that calligraphy is not a top priority for everyone (my fiance is in this category), but making your wedding specific to you and your future spouse is and should be at the top of your wedding must-do list. This does not have to cost an arm and a leg. For example, my fiance is in the Department of Entomology and is passionate about studying insects and their respective ecosystems. I started thinking about how we could add this piece into our garden wedding and came up with a great welcome sign with a large bee element to go with our hashtag - #MeantToBeeAndersons! As a person who does not typically care for small details, he loved my bee idea. And he loves these bumblebee hairpins I got for our engagement session too!

You find love in all these details, and your guests will too.

Just a little thought on this sunny Tuesday. xo