Bridesmaid Boxes!

Happy Monday, Friends!

I've been so excited to write this post! As many of you know, I got engaged two short months ago and haven't stopped planning since. I am enamored by small details and knew that putting together the perfect bridesmaid box was a great opportunity to surprise my ladies and share some love from far away! 

I love sharing affordable wedding ideas with my followers and clients. While bridesmaid boxes are definitely not a necessity, I found it to be a really fun project to share my excitement for the big day ahead! Here are the details from my boxes - hopefully you can take some good ideas away from it for your own ladies! 

Each box included: 

  • A navy floral robe for the morning of the wedding (to match their bridesmaid gowns!) 
  • A Rifle Paper Company notebook
  • A mini bottle of Cook's Extra Dry Champagne (or Mocha Frappuccinos for the two ladies under 21)
  • GODIVA Chocolate
  • A Que Bella mask
  • NYX Lipstick (different shades to complement their skin tones)
  • A personalized, handmade watercolored card asking them to be in my party!

There was supposed to be nail polish as well, but then I found out you can't mail it (oops!). 

For my cards, I used regular water color paper that I just folded into a card. I used a small 00 Winsor & Newton cotman watercolor brush to apply my lettering with the Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolor palette. The colors from this palette are very bold! I would definitely recommend it if you're in the market for watercolor. If you like my cards, you can buy them on my etsy shop! Here are some photos of the finished products:  

The boxes arrived to their respective destinations (Denver, Minneapolis, Madison, Green Bay, and little Merrill) within two days and none of them knew it was coming. This is mostly impressive because I am a terrible secret-keeper - especially when the news is good and exciting!

Natalie, my matron of honor, received her box first. She FaceTimed me right before she opened it and truly thought I had sent her some free coffee mugs or something from Letters from Lindsey. The look on her face when she opened the card was priceless! We both started crying and she said yes!

Spoiler alert, all my ladies said yes :)  You can all see their faces below - Natalie is in the middle but I was too caught up in the moment to screenshot her when she read the card, so please enjoy her pre-box opening face :) You can watch my friend Gabby demolish her box here:

If you sent your ladies bridesmaid boxes, I would love to know what was in them! Comment below! 

Have a wonderful week! Cheers!