Chalkboard Lettering!

Hello and happy Monday, dear reader!

Summer weddings are ending and fall weddings are just about to begin! I had the opportunity to do a chalkboard project for a wedding in Chicago held at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Talk about the loveliest venue! 

For chalkboard orders, I start with a couple of sketches on paper that I send to my client for approval. I scale it out so it is as close to the final design as possible so there aren't any surprises when you open your package in preparation for the big day. :) You can see the sketches that were sent to approval here: 

Once approval is received, I start on the final design! I can tell you that it involves a yardstick, a steel carpenter's square, three sizes of chalk, and a lot of wet towels on hand to fix my mistakes! Here is the final design (well, almost - I thickened the titles of the menus which you can see further below):

Chalkboards are definitely one of my top three items to letter on. I love the contrast of the bright white chalk on the dark black board. The wooden frame ties it all together into a clean, beautiful presentation. 

Below are the final three signs that I photographed just before packing and sending! I was able to recreate the couple's monogram for their "Choose a Seat, Not a Side" sign as well. A great touch to tie it all together with their programs and other signage! 

Let me tell you, it is a process to package these beauties. I tightly wrap the boards in plastic wrap, then in bubble wrap, then in kraft paper. I carefully layer them into boxes and fill the empty space with packing paper. Then I write out a friendly note with directions how to carefully unpackage and make the postal worker put a few extra "Fragile" stamps on it too. :) 

Apart from my regular projects, I have also been taking part in the September lettering challenge on Instagram. Every day, there is a new prompt and you may letter it as you see fit. The challenge gives me a great opportunity to try out different methods, like watercolor or brush pen. It has also been a great activity to end my day with! Here is a little peek at day 5 and day 6!

I hope that you are ending your long week with a relaxing Monday, friend! Thanks for reading!