Hand Lettered Mug Love.

Happy Monday, dear friends!

It is mid-November and Thanksgiving is next week - can you believe it?! I definitely can't. This month has been a complete whirlwind! A few really exciting things happened in the last few weeks that I am so excited to share with you. Probably the most exciting thing to have happened to Letters from Lindsey was the addition of MUGS to the shop! Let me tell you: people, they love their mugs. 


I have gotten so many questions about these mugs - and I'm guessing you may have some of the same ones, so here are the answers for my most frequently asked questions: 

  1. How do you make them?: I start with a stoneware mug from Target (I am on the hunt for wholesale mugs! Feel free to email me if you know a guy ;) ) that I rub down with alcohol. I use an oil based paint for lettering, then let dry for about an hour or so. I then apply glass paint to seal the lettering and to set the mug. I let them dry for about an hour between layers. After letting them set, I cure them through a high heat process, then let them sit out for about a day before packaging and sending them off to you! 
  2. Are they dishwasher safe?: YES! They are dishwasher safe and tested. However, because they are handmade, I strongly recommend handwashing them gently. 
  3. Can I order a custom mug?: YES! I always welcome custom orders. Typically, I will write your design onto the mug, then send you a photo for approval. If approved, I'll apply the glass paint, cure, and send to you! I ask that custom request be less than 8 words in length or the design will get a little crowded.
  4. Can I order some for all of my staff?/Do you offer gifting services to send a mug directly to a client?: Yes and yes. For mug orders in quantities larger than 5, there is a discount depending on the wording needed (request a custom order on Etsy to start a conversation!). For gift services, I will need you to mail me your materials (thank you card, business card, etc.) that you would like to accompany your purchase, and I can send the mug/item directly to your client with all of your material! For more information about client gifting services, feel free to email me at lettersfromlind@gmail.com or Say Hello!

I am co-hosting a giveaway at the beginning of December with a DELICIOUS chocolate theme! My "hot cocoa connoisseur" cup will be up for grabs - I'll keep you posted! :)