Letters from Lindsey: A Registered, Legal Small Business!

Hello & Happy October, Friends!

I HAVE EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE! (Spoiler: News is in the title) Letters from Lindsey is now a *real*, legal, registered small business! I even have my business authorization posted in clear sight of my desk so I may legally conduct business in my home. What exactly does this mean, Lindsey?! It means that I pay taxes now, my friends. State and federal.

In addition to my new taxpaying responsibility, you may be able to find me at more markets, expos, and shows in the near and far future! Wisconsin friends, you can find some of my items at the Medford Country Affair Show on November 7th-8th! Unfortunately, I will not be there, but you can meet my lovely grandmother who is a long-timer creative and crafter (thank you for passing on the genes, grandma!).

Friends, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the support I have received from all of you. It may seem like an echo at this point, but my heart is so full of gratitude and I feel so incredibly loved! I've reconnected with so many old friends, made many new friends, and have received so many kind words and compliments. I never thought Letters from Lindsey would become what it has so quickly - if at all. I love working with every single client to create beautiful things for their homes or their weddings. I love doing Letters from Lindsey; it is a total dream for me! I look forward to what the future has to bring.

I have been working on my to do list for October and it seems like the holiday season has *officially* arrived. I am slowly adding new seasonal and holiday pieces, so be sure to check every week for new items! Some items on the horizon: Personalized Ornaments, Holiday Wood Slices, Santa Letters(!), Christmas Cards, and more! Is there anything that you’d like to see from Letters from Lindsey this Christmas? 

And, as always, with a new month comes a new Lettering Challenge! You can see my daily posts for the #LetterItOctober Challenge and other projects are on my desk on Instagram (@lettersfromlind)!



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